You Dream.
We Manifest.

The Trigger

We are a Saudi entertainment development company. Operating in Jeddah, Cairo and Los Angeles. With a mission to show the world our authentic and unique stories.

Working alongside vision 2030 quality of life program, we decided to tap into the huge reservoir of national talents, by establishing 7ilm production.

Capitalizing on our 30 years of experience in the financial, marketing and entertainment industries and utilizing our massive network with dreamers, dream makers and enablers

The Dream

Our aim is to be the distinguished  entertainment development company, which offers media solutions for Governmental entities, Private businesses and individuals, Producing world-class entertainment products for out-of-home activities (plays, movies, and music) and at-home products through (TV and online outlets.

Methods of Manifestation

We follow a specific method to ensure that we unlock our client's full potential. The following are the steps we follow:
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1. Knowing You
Understanding your vision, goals and needs.

2. Cooperating  With You
Discovering the actual or potential challenges which is affecting your efforts to achieve your vision and goals.

3. Full Analysis
Analysing challenges and their effect on each of your goals and targets.

4. Creative Commercial Content (The Triple Cs)
Supporting you by offering the most creative commercial content, which is linked to a defined KPIs, ensuring  achievement to your vision.

We offer full media solutions for our clients. From the first step to the final desired result. These are the services we are offering:

Media Production
Movies, Series, advertising, corporate profiles… etc.

Digital Marketing
Creating creative campaigns for digital platforms.

Influencers Marketing & Management
Celebrities, bloggers, video gamers, comedians… etc.

Event Management
Arranging and organizing all types of events, corporate and public, local and international

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